About John K


NameJohn Klinkenberg


1977-1978Vrije Akademie The Hague
1981-1982Rijksakademie Amsterdam


1985Bloemendaal Gas. Expo of drawings, paintings and installations inspired by the North-Sea.
1989W-139 Warmoesstr.139 Amsterdam, Group performances.
1989Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh; Sketchbook with drawings from the Arles area added to the Library-Collection.
1991Delft Faculty for Architecture; Indesem 91, Expo of Sound-Installation.
1992Teylers Museum Haarlem; acquisition of drawings.
1993Teylers Museum Haarlem; acquisition of drawings.
1994Vide Cultura Haarlem Olympic Games; Expo of Sound-Installation.
1994Publication of the book; North Holland in Proza, Poetry and drawings by Artists of North-Holland.
1996Copenhagen Denmark; Cultural Capital; The Valigia Europe’s Baggage.
1997Thessaloniki-Alexandroupolis-Drama-Dessa-Florina Greece, Cultural Capital; the Valigia Europe’s Baggage.
1997Belgrade-Novi-Sad-Nis, Yugoslavia; The Valigia Europe’s Baggage.
1997Budapest-Szekesfehervar-Gyor Hungary; The Valigia Europe’s Baggage.
1997Haarlem Vleeshal; Ebbinge is Guest Conservator in the Vleeshal. Expo of drawings of Yugoslavia.
1998Vienna-Linz-Graz Austria; the Valigia Europe’s Baggage.
1998Europartrain in Holland; Hoorn-Amsterdam-Delfzijl.
1999Go Gallery Amsterdam. Expo of Rock-Portraits on canvas and paper.
2000Teylers Museum Haarlem; Nieuwe Oogst; 15 years of Contemporary Drawings.
2000Stripdagen Haarlem; Gallery Klerkx & van Heerden; Expo of drawings of Fort island in IJmuiden.
2000Nieuwe Vide Haarlem; Plan Z Expo of Drawings.
2000 Europartrain in Holland; Leeuwarden.
2000Europartrain in Poland; Cracow.
2002Stripdagen Haarlem; Expo of drawings.
2003Haarlem Vishal; Group exhibition Still life in the 21st century.
2003Amsterdam; Arti et Amicitatiae, New-Members, Projection of the Animation Film "Tunnelscapes" by Michi Meier and John Klinkenberg.
2003Haarlem Lichtfabriek; Projection of the film Tunnelscapes by Michi Meier and John Klinkenberg.
2004Haarlem De Vishal; 10 Years De Vishal; Expo and publication of the book "NO-Title".
2004Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage; Europe’s Cultural Foundation Sharing Cultures; the 50th–Anniversary of the European Cultural Foundation Expo; "The Valigia" (Europartrain), The Blind painters; Artists John Klinkenberg and Hans Kalliwoda.
2004Nieuwe Vide presents Mute projections, "DEENMINUTEN" the Film Tunnelscapes by Michi Meier and John Klinkenberg.
2004Haarlem Stripdagen; Stop motion Start sound, Gallery Grasland; "Tunnelscapes film by Michi Meier and John Klinkenberg.
2005Stuttgart Theaterhause; "Anita Berber; Projection of the film Tunnelscapes by Michi Meier and John Klinkenberg.
2005Stuttgart Germany; Long Nights of Musea "Wagenhalle Stuttgart", Tunnelscapes by Michi Meier and John Klinkenberg.
2005Stuttgart Germany; Staatsgallery mit Frank Fierke, Air object and projection of the film "Tunnelscapes".
2005Stuttgart Germany, Stadspark Stuttgart Festival "Theater der Welt, Tunnelscapes" Film by Michi Meier and John Klinkenberg.
2005Haarlem Nieuwe Vide; Herbarium Exhibition of projects in open spaces. Mute. "Tunnelscapes".
2006Haarlem, Stripdagen Patronaat; Expo of drawings by John Klinkenberg. Animation film Tunnelscapes. Solu (Finland) animation, Igor Hofbauer ( Kroatië, concertposters).
2007Ostfildern Städtische Galerie: Bewegt Bilder. Interactive Multimedia by Michi Meier and John Klinkenberg, sound by Sonic Steph.
2007Amsterdam, Maatschappij Arti et Amicitiae. Group show of Art members.
2007Haarlem, Kunstlijn in de School van Greiner, expo of artworks about Bretagne.
2008Haarlem’s Stripdagen, Wheels & Wallonië, Expo in cafe Bruxelles "drawings of Vincent van Gogh in the Borinage".
2008Amsterdam, Arti et Amicitatiae, Group show of Art members "Finimal".
2009Haarlem, 11/1 t/m 25/1. Jubileumexpo De Vishal 15 years. "Mirror of its time" expo; acrylic/canvas 140/180cm. "Future Lights".
2009Haarlem, Kunstlijn in Hoofdkantoor and Bedrijfsverzamelgebouw. Expo of Electronic-city and Berlin.
2009IJmuiden ROC de Ruimte, Kunstlijn.
2010Haarlemse Stripdagen, Cafe Bruxelles. "Berlin-Underground" Expo of new Art-works inspired on Berlin. The Berlin-party scene and historic places such as the Reichstag and Hohenschönhausen.