Teufelsberg/Berlin/Lemmy/Tag des offenen Denkmals 2014

Where once the spies listened John.K created another molotow spraycans/acrylics mural of the singer Lemmy from the band Motörhead. Situated inside the Catacombs of the former huge Field Station from the Cold War. The highest tower gives you an amazing 360 degrees panorama of Berlin, with the Olympic Stadium, the Grünewald and the Havel See.

Vimeo: Glimpses of Teufelsberg/ Heritage Teufelsberg 2013.
Film" Tunnelscapes" John Klinkenberg, Haarlem NL, Drawings.
Michi Meier, Stuttgart( Collage).

140.Teufelsberg-Berlin-Lemmy_Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2014 143.Teufelsberg-Berlin-Lemmy_Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2014 151.Teufelsberg_Berlin_Lemmy_Tag des offenen Denkmals 2014 153.Teufelsberg_Berlin_Tag des offenen Denkmals 2014 154.Teufelsberg_Berlin_Tag des offenen Denkmals 2014
155.Teufelsberg_Berlin_Lemmy_Tag des offenen Denkmals 2014 156.Teufelsberg_Berlin_Tag des offenen Denkmals 2014 158.Teufelsberg_Berlin_ Tag des offenen Denkmals 2014 159.Teufelsberg_Berlin_Tag des offenen Denkmals 2014 160.Teufelsberg_Berlin_Tag des offenen Denkmals 2014

Teufelsberg/Berlin Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013

I participated by creating an artwork inside the building on a corridor wall. I had to work in the dark with a led mounted on my forehead. In the same space where once the NSA computers were installed, completely shielded from the outside world.


1.Teufelsberg.Berlin.25-9-10 1.Teufelsberg-Berlin.2010 2.Teufelsberg.Berlin.25-9-10 2.Teufelsberg-Berlin.2010 3.Teufelsberg.Berlin.25-9-10
3.teufelsberg-Berlin.2010 9.Teufelsberg.Berlin.25-9-10 10.Teufelsberg.Berlin.25-9-10 12.Teufelsberg.Berlin.25-9-10 13.Teufelsberg.Berlin.25-9-10
18.Teufelsberg.Berlin.25-9-10 29.Teufelsberg.Berlin.25-9-10 33.teufelsberg.Berlin.25-9-10 35.Teufelsberg-David Bowie.75x110cm 40.Teufelsberg-Berlin.2013
51.Teufelsberg Berlin; Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013 52.Teufelsberg-2013-Denkmal 56.Teufelsberg-2013-Denkmal 88.Teufelsberg Berlin; Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013 90.Teufelsberg Berlin;Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013
91.Teufelsberg Berlin;Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013 92.Teufelsberg Berlin;Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013 93.Teufelsberg Berlin;Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2012 94.Teufelsberg Berlin;Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013.johnk 95.Teufelsberg Berlin;Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013
96.Teufelsberg Berlin;Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013.johnk 98.Teufelsberg Berlin;Tag des Offenen Denkmals 2013.johnk 99.Teufelsberg Berlin;Tag desOffenen Denkmals 2013

TEUFELSBERG-BERLIN 24 september 2010.

From Berlin Friedrichstrasse Stadtmitte I take the S-Bahn to Spandau. You can walk in just 20 minutes from Heerestrasse to this beautiful forest called "Grünewald".

It is very peaceful, and with just a few cyclists around I start looking for the hill called Teufelsberg. Finally, way up the hill I get stopped by wired fences all around but quickly I crawl though a hole and follow my search for the abandoned listening post. It is built on 25 million cubic metres of Berlin rubble of the Second World War. Under this rubble lie the remnants of the Military Technology Faculty building during the Nazi-period.

The Americans (NSA) built one of its largest listening stations on top of the hill, rumoured to be part of the Global ECHELON intelligence gathering network.

The huge globe-like radio transmitters served to provide 24 hour a day surveillance over East-Berlin. I walk into the building which is covered in graffiti, I want to find the way to the top. On the spot overlooking Olympia Stadium and the "Fernsehturm" my eyes are caught by huge globes, resembling science fiction shapes from outer space. I wander through the 6th or 7th floor on top and find a space that is covered everywhere with cool graffiti, sunlight shines through an opening in the wall. Beneath I can see a beautiful scenery: the outskirts of Berlin and the Havel See. Every step I take transforms in loud echoes, arti sounds! This is a paradise of 118 metres high.