All my life I have been fascinated by historical sites from the Great War (1914-1918) and World War II. Besides that I have been a fan of the primal rock band Motörhead from the beginning of its existence. The singer, Lemmy Kilmister, collects all sorts of historical attributes from these wars. My imagination generated a story about the band and their tour during the Great War. Therein the band Motörhead is traveling through the shattered landscapes and villages of Ieper (Ypres) in Belgium to Pozières in Northern France. This is the subject of my new series of comic like drawings. The drawings in black and white are in large format and will be exhibited during the biennial Comic Festival "Haarlemse Stripdagen" 2014 in the Patronaat Café on May 31, & June 1.

4.WW1-Diksmuide.24x33cm.2013 45.Motorhead-WW1.80x110cm.2013 47.Motorhead-WW1.80x110cm.2013 50.WW1-Pozieres.2013.80x110cm 58.Motorhead-WW1.80x110cm.2014